The problem with Ryan Tannehill sinking to third on the Dolphins depth chart.

Back in mid-April as the 2012 NFL Draft drew near, Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill was hailed as the player that the Miami Dolphins “must” draft to rescue their franchise.

Now the skeptics are snickering a bit as Tannehill is resting not-so-comfortably in the number three slot on the team’s depth chart according to the Palm Beach Post.

Although he is technically playing within the same system that he ran in college, Tannehill has been making enough mistakes in camp to currently be considered a liability.

Tannehill’s issues seem to be turnover related and that he has a problem with throwing the ball in traffic.

Does that mean that Dolphins fans will start calling him a bust if he’s not a first-year prodigy? Maybe.

Should they do so?  The answer to that question is not so clear.

We are not so far removed from the days when drafted QBs sat for a year or three that the practice is uncommon.

Yet we are also so deep into the era where the true faces of a franchise walk in the door and take over from day one.

Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan and newcomers Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are just a few of the young guns that took the reins  and pressed go.

So what gives?

Tannehill was a dark horse story that gained legs after the Fins lost the free agency wars to Denver, Seattle and San Francisco.

Knocking him now is ridiculous but the fact is that the Dolphins are in a win nowsituation. They have misfired on a variety of personnel moves and their current number one guy David Garrard is not a permanent answer.

A team can afford to develop a QB like the Patriots are doing with Ryan Mallet when they have leader in place that can mentor without fear.

The Dolphins are not that group and thus the feeling that Tannehill could have a shorter rope to swing on than others do that are at his level of progression

Time will only bear that out but in a conversation that was had with a peer this morning a question was raised.

If the Dolphins don’t do well this year, will Tannehill become Jimmy Clausen to Matt Barkley’s Cam Newton after the 2013 draft?