Thoughts For The Day:12-19-2011

Former Boston Bruins hockey legend “Mad Mike” Milbury bugged out at a youth game?  It’s just one piece of Thoughts For The Day.









Thought: The Packers losing a game is no big deal. The Packers losing a nice chunk of their o-line IS.

Thought:  Penn State QB Matt McGloin suffered a concussion and a seizure after he got into a locker room scuffle with wide receiver Curtis Drake. It was good to see the QB own up to and take responsibility for the incident. Something administrative personnel at the university should take a cue from.

Thought: “Mad Mike” Milbury was a beast on the ice when he played for the Boston Bruins. Over the weekend he may have just taken the persona a bit too far after being charged for assault at his son’s youth hockey game. There are two sides to every story and Milbury says the story has gotten grown bigger than what really happened.  Fine, but is it not time that we address the whirlwind of emotions that exist at youth contests?

Thought: Didn’t Patriots coach Bill Belichick play the ultimate emotional trump card yesterday by focusing his offensive game plan on Tim Tebow’s former college teammate TE Aaron Hernandez?

Thought: Derek Rose will lead the Chicago Bulls to greatness this year. It’s too early to predict a championship but the off-season work that Rose put in will pay off in spades.