Tim Tebow publicly stands by Mark Sanchez

Regardless of what might be said at the moment it appears like we are inching closer to Tebow Time in New York.

The Jets backup quarterback is not taking the bait in regards to throwing current starter Mark Sanchez under the bus.

The New York Daily News is currently running comments from Tebow that may be some of the most assertive that he has ever put forth.

“I just want to do the best I can with whatever role that they give me, provide enthusiasm and energy every time I get the opportunity, but also from the sidelines or wherever I am,” Tebow said. “I’ll just be a good teammate, encourage guys and when, given opportunities, just try and make the most of them.”

The Tebow to plain English translator spits that back out as something like this. I’ll sit back and let Mark do himself in, be a great cheerleader and when they eventually put me in, I’ll lead the team to some thrilling fourth quarter victories.

Tebow went onto say that he has love for Sanchez.

“Me and Mark have a great relationship and we’re not worried about that,” he said.”We’re not worried about what others are saying . . . I think our relationship is a lot deeper than that.”

Call it what you want to.

If we are being honest, it looks like the Jets don’t have a quarterback on the roster that is a consistent winner.

I feel for Sanchez.  The Jets offensive line is not making life easier for either him or running back Shonn Greene who is also struggling.

Still, he can’t play lights out in the first game of the year and perform at a mediocre level moving forward.

Somewhere in the Jets’ second game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, his heart checked out.  In the victory against the Miami Dolphins, Sanchez was not the driving force behind that win and as matter of fact the deep connection to Holmes in overtime was an ugly duck of a ball that looked like…a Tebow ball.

The Jets are currently the worst team in the AFC even if they do possess a 2-2 record.

To move out of this assesment they need to get their offense in gear.

This week, you’re going to hear calls for guys such as Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress and Chad Johnson to replace Holmes.

With a talented receiver in Stephen Hill ready to return from a hamstring injury, adding more drama to this situation is probably not wise.

Coach Rex Ryan is standing by Sanchez for the moment in the media.  If his words are true, he needs to work with him privately to step his game up as both a player and as a leader of men.

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  • Bob USMC

    “Still, he can’t play lights out in the first game of the year and perform at a mediocre level moving forward”

    Sanchez is no Tom Brady, but go back to week 2 and the above line is just stupid. The Brady led Patriots looked like crap. Now look at week 4. They came back and kicked ass.

    If the Jets go to Tebow because the owner wants it, then why pay anyone else to make the position calls for the team. If Tebow does get the nod, Skip Bayless will spend more time in the shower than a 13 year old with a Victoria Secret catalogue and a handful of shower gel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/15crown00 Randy Hayes

    what exactly would you expect him to say.the guy is savvy enough not to rip Sanchez because (1) that’s not his M.O. and (2) it would probably destroy the team and put all sorts of more on him in N.Y. WHICH IS SUPER PRESSURE PACKED ANYWAY.Sanchez will endure with the Jets or elsewhere.Tebow on the other hand is like the Danica Patrick of the NFL,A curiosity that will flame out soon or just hang around and be there for awhile because he’s not really an NFL qb,running back,or receiver.He’s a hybrid and not a very good one at that.

  • Douglas Graham

    Does anybody outside NYC & ESPN care? Only reason I looked at this article was the girl’s picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

    The offensive line is slipping off their blocks and letting the defensive line dominate them. The Jets could have Tom Brady at QB and HE would fail with the lousy blocking AND the receivers dropping passes. Next year draft some offensive linemen and receivers. Put in 15 to 20 option/read/option plays and let Tebow roll. The guys a stud and runs over defenders, man. OPEN your eyes; you’ve got a great athlete sitting on the bench.

  • Juan R Angel

    rex ryan need to admit hes gay and wants to have sex with stanchez this is the only logical reason why i assume he has stuck with this moron !!!!