Tim Tebow will not be a Jaguar says new GM

Tim Tebow will not be making his way back home to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team’s new GM  David Caldwell was quick to squash that rumor in his first public appearance.

David Caldwell

“I can’t imagine a scenario in which he’ll be a Jacksonville Jaguar — even if he’s released,” Caldwell said in comments that ran on ESPN.

The Jaguars owner Shad Khan has been vocal about his desire to import the local hero into the mix.

He stated that he is passing off his decision to his new administration.

“It’s not my decision,” Khan said. “I want to do whatever to help this team win. Who the players are is really the general manager’s and coaches’ — it’s a football-side operation decision. It’s really not my decision.”

“I’m telling them to take a look at Tebow and they’re saying, ‘We’re going to go in a different direction,’” Khan said. “That’s the difference.”

So what is the plan for the Jags at that position?

“We plan to address the quarterback situation, obviously,” Caldwell said. “Blaine is the second-youngest quarterback in the NFL, but we’re going to have open competition. Whether it’s through draft or through free agency, we’ll bring in some more people to compete at the quarterback position. We’re going to let the best player win that position.”

Caldwell fired coach Mike Mularkey after a disappointing first year.

The guy is not a joke and it appears as if for the first time in a long time the Jaguars have something to look forward to.

Not bringing in Tebow as a jersey and ticket sales grab is the right football move.

From the owner’s point-of-view the temptation is strong to get the money.

From the GM’s point-of-view the mission is simply to contend for a championship.

It will be curious to watch how Caldwell handles the disenfranchised Maurice Jones-Drew.

  • JustMeRock

    There you go. We have just hired another looser. If any team could use the attention and additional fans to fill it’s diminishing fan base and help the tarps that have become so common place on TV, become unnecessary. The people will come to see if the home town collage hero can or can not really hack it in the NFL. That is if he is really given a chance to play and a chance to succeeded. I would like to believe that this power house of a young man with unbelievable faith can win and help a team that has become the leagues number one joke. But if he can’t succeeded, the seat are still full and the nacho and soda sales are up Mr. Khan! I truly believe the Jag’s were bought by Khan to be moved to London where there is a humongous fan base ready too fill a stadium and the tickets sales, nacho, oops fish & chips and beer sales will be astronomical. I say give it two years, 2016 season the jag’s will be the London cat’s. Wake up Jacksonville fans, you must buy season tickets to a crappy team and suck it up in order to try and stop it. Just remember the team must fail in order to be allowed to move it out of country for large financial gains. Just my observation. Really think this one out folk’s, hasn’t this team been deliberately lead to fail? I mean no one can truly suck that bad at a job that pay’s millions. And not three, GM, coach and owner! Can they?