Top 5 Projected QBs for 2012.

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Quarterbacks should be measured by how many games and championships that they win, but the truth is they are also judged by QB ratings, yard per game and of course touchdowns.

These are our projected top 5 QBs/Stat Monsters.

#1 Tom Brady- New England Patriots

Wes Welker’s bungled “catch” is the answer that is widely given as the reason why the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. The truth is that it was the team’s lack of a running game that failed to close it out.

But it true Patriot fashion, the game film of the championship game shows what it shows and they went out and upgraded their receiving corps. In 2012, Brady not only has his two favorite tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, he has a smorgasbord of targets that have specific functions.

Brandon Lloyd has emerged as the consistent go-to-guy for circus catches. Deion Branch is still good to turn possession catches into homeruns. Contract situation or not, Wes Welker will ball out-of-control to prove his various points.

That’s five outlets before we get into the Chad Ochcocinco project which in year two should start to pay dividends.  Now throw in Julian Edelman, Jabar Gaffney, Donte’ Stallworth and Anthony Gonzalez.

Believe it or not, there’s still three other names in that group.  When all is said and done, Brady won’t just have a talented group to work with, he’ll  have one that’s born of fire as the team can’t carry this many guys into the season.

Cross that much talented with Brady’s ability to be well… Brady and he stands to have a monster year statistically.

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  • Denzel Shareef

    Ummm…Donald Driver isn’t the Packers number #1 receiver, Greg Jennings is. So if Driver is released that will not have that big of an impact to the offense. Randall Cobb is ready to go and will be the next big weapon in the Packer offense. Aaron Rodgers may not duplicate his numbers of last year but I don’t think he’ll be anything less than the number #2 QB in the league. Especially after his record breaking season from last year!

  • Cam Newton

    Drew Brees didn’t even almost get in???? Has everyone forgotten what kind of numbers he put up last season?

    • Hurricane-PV

      It’s hard to predict right now how Brees will perform this season. Bounty Gate, his contract status, losing Carl Nicks and Robert Meachem will all impact his season. I understand why you feel the way you feel.Thanks for the comment.

  • Chris

    1. Drew Breese, 2. Peyton Manning, 3.Matt Flynn, 4.Tom Brady, 5. Andy Dalton.

    6. Alex Smith, 7. Blane Gabbert. 8. Matthew Stafford, 9. Aaron Rodgers, 10. Tony Romo.

    11. Eli Manning, 12. Joe Flacco. What about Matt Schaub? You, me nobody knows yet, but these are my predictions… “These are ’Wise absorptions”.

    Then where does Cam Newton fit in then (? 14)? & look at some of the moves made like Tennessee & Tampa made… lot’s to talk about.

    I really would love to take a poll & allow more fan, & sports enthusiast/readers to take me up on that, & see what prediction that would be.

    Or how about, voting amongst only those whom play fantasy-football every year too, because their statistics suggest who would make the best candidates for this kind of thing, since people playing fantasy have to get it right, the 1st time around.

    I myself, always look for guys like Eli to be my second QB (in fantasy football), goes according to when, & where I’m at with my “allowed picks, & if Eli’s still available.

    Besides all of this, whoever makes the playoffs is where you’re top five & ten QB’s will be, later on down the season. But gets us all talking, & I suppose; the number 1 question is where’s Breese?

    He’s going to be the number one Quarterback this year (Drew Breese), I hope you know that. Anyway you do now. But then again, we will have to wait & see, now won’t we?

    You got to be a team player, not a, me player… (Just because Cam Newton was one of the best fantasy QB’s to have last year, does not suggest he is ‘top five worthy, if he fell way short of the playoffs.)

    • Hurricane-PV

      We are def going to do something like this soon.

    • timothymbenton

      Are you taking the wrong meds again? To put Rodgers at 11, and then to add insult to injury you put Brees on top of the list and then you have the stupidity to put Rodgers Backup ahead of him. You need to lay off the illegal drugs so you get a real perspective in life. 1. Rodgers 2. Brady 3. Stafford 4. Brees 5. Eli Manning 6. Newton 7. Smith 8. Newton 9. Dalton 10.Payton Manning

      With all the Drama and without their head coach Brees will put up numbers but not like last year. Rodgers will continue to lead everyone because he has not lost any receivers and has the best accuracy of the group with the best QB rating ever, would have had first for all numbers if he played in a dome and was not held out for a game.