A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Marcus Vick. Why his behavior cost him so much.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Feb. 28– We got to know Marcus Vick somewhat on his brother’s reality show The Mike Vick Project. One thing that at least I walked away with was the idea that he was having a hard time correcting the self-destructive behavior that cost him a nice opportunity with the Miami Dolphins.

Marcus Vick Has A Warrant Out For Arrest As Of 2-28-2012So it was no shock when the Newport News Daily Press reported that an arrest warrant was issued yesterday for his arrest by Newport News, Va., Circuit Court Judge David Pugh.

It’s not a crazy drug charge or an attempted murder rap or anything like that. In fact in today’s football related news, it’s actually quite well…boring.

Vick failed to turn himself into the city jail after failing to appear in court to deal with a driving on a suspended sentence charge.

This situation dates back to Jan. 22, 2010, so I’m sure this is the case of a judge that has had enough of the antics that are surrendering this affair. Vick faces 10 days in jail.

I personally always rooted for Marcus because he like many younger brothers of successful older brothers lives in Mike’s shadow.

His entire collegiate career at Virginia Tech he was expected to do and act like his brother and as he transitioned into the NFL, people could never discuss him without discussing Mike.

Though he without a doubt has a reckless streak that cost him perhaps millions of dollars, he also had a skill set of his own that never seemed to get a fair shake by the world at large.

In 2005, his second and last year of play, he finished the year with a 61.2 completion percentage, threw 17 TDs and chalked up a QB rating of 143.3.

But his own downward spiral that included a lot of drama on and off the field got him kicked out of school “due to a cumulative effect of legal infractions and unsportsmanlike play” in early 2006.

He declared for the draft but at that time the word “Vick” was like arsenic in the minds of most GMs and Marcus’s behavior did little to defuse his own situation.

I’ve always held the opinion that had he kept his stuff together he could have been a better-than-average NFL Quarterback with two more years of time to hone his skills.

But we’ll never know if I was right or wrong, we can only hope that he will clear all of this mess up and move forward.

  • Fred